Tourism in Beijing, from Lake Up Performing Ballet

Beijing - As China's capital, Beijing continues to grow in various aspects including tourism. Beijing not only presenting the Forbidden City. Travelers can watch the ballet at the Grand Theatre and hanging out on the outskirts of Houhai Lake. 

Maybe you could put aside about the issue of air pollution in if intending traveled to Beijing. Clean and tidy will be the first impression that tourists can catch from this city. Although its population is more than 21 million people, twice that of Jakarta, but the city did not seem too crowded. 

The buildings are tall and majestic could be easily found. Areas that several years ago still looks rundown and crowded, now a bustling and neat with new buildings. Infrastructure development projects and properties are still encouraged here and there. 

The main tourist destinations of course aka Forbidden City Forbidden City 180 acres with 980 buildings. This is the home to 24 emperors of the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty. Center building is made ​​like a replica of the Purple Palace, a palace which at that time was considered as the abode of God. So that, in the past, 'city' that is off limits to ordinary people. 

But now the forbidden city is always crowded by tourists, both local and foreign. Prepare at least a minimum of 4 hours to explore the corners of the Forbidden City. What else other than the Forbidden City, see the following reviews:

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